Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Brilliant Teaching, Training and Learning in the 21st Century.

IfL and LSIS are working in partnership to find out your priorities for teaching and Learning in the next year. In the coming weeks we will be carrying out research to find out what you want so that we can shape the menu of opportunities for our members, that reflect their needs. We will be posting an online survey here and want as many of our members as possible to complete it. In the meantime, please let us know what you think:

Needs - evidence on where there is a need for improvement, whether from Ofsted reports, success rate data or learner feedback.

Wants - evidence on the aspirations and expectations of practitioners including feedback on CPD activities undertaken.

Capacity – evidence on ‘what works’ both in terms of what constitutes effective teaching and learning and in terms of effective CPD.

Please send us your feedback on the process and what has worked for you as well as your own views on priorities, separated where possible into needs, wants and capacity. It would be most helpful if you could let us have the source of evidence for your views, whether it is your direct experience or written material you could point us to.

Please send all your thoughts and feedback to

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