Friday, 28 May 2010

CPD and the role of technology in professional learning

Click here to hear the latest in a series of podcasts, this one on the theme of personal learning spaces (REfLECT) and the place of technology in CPD.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Institute of Education: Diploma Discussion Document

Access the Diploma discussion paper from the IoE here.

This discussion paper, coming out of the IoE’s 14 – 19 Alliance, a network of organisations and individuals who share an interest and professional involvement in the provision of effective learning opportunities for all 14-19 year olds, seeks to build discourse and debate on government-led reforms designed to promote an alternative, more applied, set of awards for those whose needs are not well served by a curriculum based on established academic GCSE and A Level qualifications, principally the new Diplomas.

The paper contests that, despite there being clear evidence that the Diplomas can motivate and enthuse young people and help them to develop the skills that will help them progress into work-related education and training, there are already signs that it is struggling to establish itself successfully alongside other better known and understood, and in many respects well-regarded, qualifications.

The paper presents a number of key concerns:

  • An overly complex design, or model
  • An absence of proper piloting
  • Difficulties in providing a comprehensive offer
  • Institutional collaboration
  • Employer involvement
  • Cost

And then goes on to examine the future of the Diploma in the context of other attempts to introduce ‘applied’ vocational learning within the national curriculum framework.

IfL would like to hear views from its members on the discussion paper or arising from personal experience of delivering the Diploma. Comment on this blog, join the discussion at our Facebook group, Facebook page or LinkedIn group or tweet us @IFL_Members (tag the discussion with #IoEDiploma).